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Best Restaurants in Canada’s Capital

I am a woman that loves food. This being said, as an individual living in the town of Ottawa, which is home to a number of different types of restaurants, I of course eat out A LOT (sorry, wallet). And therefore, I would like to provide you with a list of my favourite restaurants in the Ottawa area (in no particular order). Please read on, and feel free to comment with your favourite Ottawa restaurant!

168 Sushi- Location: 1651 Merivale Rd
This place is amazing, especially if you love sushi, but even if you’re the type to stray away from raw fish. Their menu is all you can eat, with delicious sushi rolls, tempura items (like sweet potato tempura- yum!) and yummy chicken dishes, such as the General Tao chicken and the sweet and sour chicken.

The Smoque Shack- Location: 129 York St
If you like smoked meat, this is the place to go. Delicious pulled pork, to die for brisquit, and a lot more, for a pretty decent price. The sides are also really great, especially their mac and cheese!

Oh So Good- Location: 25 York Street
The name literally speaks for itself. This dessert restaurant features amazing cakes and pies that I really cannot get enough of.

Newport- Location: Churchill Ave
A cute little family owned restaurant, completely decked out in Elvis memorabilia. This place has a delicious breakfast, and for it you can pick from a menu with each dish named after an Elvis song! Their lunch menu, which features a list of various pizzas, is also quite delicious!

Mill Street Brew Pub- Location: Wellington St
This restaurant has an amazing menu of beers, and an equally amazing food menu. And, if you like a beer that you try in the restaurant, there’s a little store attached in which you can buy a case! Yummmy.

Tandoori Fusion- Location: 2130 Robertson Road
If you like Indian food- this place has the absolute best butter chicken and the naan bread is fantastic. Man, I love ethnic food.

East Indian Company- Location:210 Somerset St
More Indian food, but didn`t I say I love ethnic food? This restaurant has a chickpea dish (channa masala) that makes my mouth water. This restaurant prepares food for take out and delivery, and while normally I try to stray away from those places, this one I can’t stay away from!

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