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Becca Tilley Responds to Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff Breakup

No sore losers here!

The sweet and beautiful Becca Tilley responded to the recent breakup of Bachelor couple Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff. Becca was the runner up in Soules season and definitely a fan favorite. Even Chris’s family thought for sure that Chris was madly in love with the girl…yet Bachelor nation watched as she had her heart broken.

Becca was and wasn’t shocked at their recent breakup. She told People that “coming out of that bubble it’s a struggle no matter the situation” and that breaking up isn’t ever really expected “because you want it to work out.”

She may have had her heart broken by Chris but in a sense still was pulling for the couple. After the show ended, her and Whitney remained friends. Becca is such a sincere and genuine girl and she really does wish the best for them and hope that they can find happiness after this hard time. She said:

“People are like, ‘Wait, you were her competition.’ When it’s all said and done, she was my friend and he’s such a good guy. I wanted it to be a happy ending, but I think they’re both sort of bummed.”

Since the show ended she has pushed herself to get back out there and move on. She said she’s playing it be ear and taking it one day at a time. While she is back in the dating world, she doesn’t plan on being a part of any more reality shows to find love any time soon.

Bachelor Nation is pulling for you, Becca and hope that you hold out for that special someone that will put you first 🙂

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