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Bacteria Causing Meningitis Found in Blue Bell Ice Cream

Despite the rush for fit summer bodies, the heat of summer that is setting in across North America is bringing the, let’s face it, need, for ice cream back to help curb the often brutal summer heat. Due to the fact that going for ice cream in the summer is a social must, ice cream companies will be preparing for a surge in sales and releasing new flavours to keep customers cool and satisfied.

Unfortunately for Blue Bell Creameries in Alabama, their summer is beginning with a national recall after their ice cream was linked to 10 listeria illnesses in four states, and three deaths in Kansas.

Listeria is a type of bacteria that can cause meningitis, which is exactly what Kappa Laboratories in Miami found when they tested the Blue Bell ice cream of a Florida woman whose 75 year old husband had contracted meningitis.

This is particularly upsetting given the season. Not only will Blue Bell Creameries face a recall of their products, but the chances of whether or not they will be able to eradicate the listeria in their products in time to actually make a profit in the summer months is rather questionable. With so many other companies out there who are not having issues like this, it is clear that as a consumer, I may stay clear of Blue Bell and opt for other options.

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