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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ ends with one happy engagement and more drama

If you haven’t watched the second night of the Bachelor in Paradise finale, stop reading now! This article contains major spoilers.

After six weeks of drama-filled dating in Mexico, this season of Bachelor in Paradise is finally over! And it concluded with one happy engaged couple and gallons of tears.

Last night’s finale went particularly well for Janner—Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert. The two decided to take a leap of faith and get engaged!

“I’ve never felt like this for anybody,” Roper told PEOPLE. “I tell Tanner all the time, what we have is very rare. It’s very special,” Roper said.

Despite the fact that these two crazy kids have only ever dated on a reality TV show in a romantic setting on a beach in Mexico, Bachelor Nation has high hopes that they will live happily ever after. Everyone wants to witness a fairy tale, right?

The couple had an instant connection on the first day when Jade asked Tanner on a date. “Jade was number one on my list, but I didn’t think I had a chance,” Tolbert said. Obviously he did!

Janner, both 28, has been quick to defend their engagement. Tolbert admits that it seems “crazy” for them to get engaged so fast. “But when you’re there and you spend so much time together from the get-go, three weeks is like nine months of real dating,” Tolbert said.

Roper added that when you are placed in a situation with no distractions, “you don’t have excuses.” She said that they took Paradise seriously and it was “so natural” for them.

The couple plans to move in together in Kansas City, and they have started the very beginning stages of wedding planning. The captions at the end of the finale revealed that they will have their ceremony in Mexico next summer.

So what about the rest of the couples?

The men were worried that the horrible Carly and Kirk breakup would make the other girls question their relationships and affect their overnight dates, but it didn’t seem to make a much of a difference.

Nick and Samantha seemed to have a great overnight date. Though Nick wondered if he could really trust Samantha, it didn’t seem to matter. He kept saying she is the most “beautiful thing he’s ever seen.”

Based on everything that happened this season, it’s hard to believe that Samantha found happiness. She accepted Nick’s rose at the end of the episode and they left paradise together. And according to a phone call with Amber on After Paradise, the couple is still together and going strong!

Justin and Cassandra, one of the newest paradise couples, did not spend the night together on their date. Cassandra said it would be “inappropriate” since she is a mom and she didn’t want to rush into anything.

However, she accepted Justin’s rose and left paradise with him. Their future together never happened, though. On After Paradise, Cassandra revealed that she is dating Jonathan, who left in week 2.

Joshua and Tenley did not end up together either. Joshua wanted the relationship, but Tenley knew that their lifestyles would not match up. They both left in tears but on good terms.

The drama on this season was exhausting. Everyone rest up until the next big Bachelor premiere!

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