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Bachelor Couple – Chris Soules And Whitney Bischoff – Call Off Their Engagement

There’s some unfortunate news for Bachelor Nation. The couple we fell in love with on prime time television has called it quits after a six month engagement!

The problem is that the show gives an environment that it’s impossible not to fall in love in. The exotic and romantic dates would even make Sean Hannity fall in love with Russell Brand, so there’s no surprise that love emerges with the men and women on the show. The couples leave that experience madly in love and then the real struggle is trying to maintain that out-of-this-world love afterwards when the humdrum of everyday life comes in to play.

With Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff it’s an even more unique situation. The entire season was centered around Chris looking for a woman who would be able and willing to drop everything and adapt to his distinctive lifestyle. Living and farming in the middle of nowhere on a large, beautiful piece of land isn’t for everyone.

Red flags went up before any of the women even stepped out of the limo. The women would go through a season of fast paced, ever changing, magical circumstances with Soules. Then they’d be expected to translate the love they grew for each other in those conditions to normal everyday life which, in Chris’s position, might be an uncomfortably slow pace.

The two were great for each other on paper but Chris obviously chose with his head instead of his heart. And what he feared most came to fruition. When he showed the women his hometown, Arlington, he was in a perpetually defensive position. That should have been foreshadowing for us that the hardest part of his journey would start after the show ended and the reality of moving to Arlington bubbled to the surface.

The season did show us however, that Chris and Whitney are both mature individuals with clear life plans. Just because they learned now that those plans didn’t line up the way they wanted them to didn’t change their sweet demeanors. They split on good terms and still have nothing but respect and admiration for each other.

So with that, another couple bites the dust. Every season I tune in and root for the couples to find true love. Despite the track record, I will continue to watch with hope for true and lasting love!

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