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Avatar 2 Might Not Come Out Until 2017 – Future Plans for the Franchise

Up until now, the common rumour surrounding James Cameron’s follow up to Avatar was that we’d be getting it sometime in 2016.  It was also announced that there might even be another sequel after it, as Cameron is interested in turning the franchise into a trilogy, if not more.  However, new speculation points to a December 2017 release date for Avatar 2, and Cameron seems to be having a difficult time not only developing the film but also finding technology that can properly capture his ideas, according to Master Herald.

There have also been rumours that a theme park will be built to promote the next movie, with various rides and attractions based off of popular elements from the franchise.  Fortunately it’s set in the world of Pandora after the events of the movie, so you don’t have to worry about your kids’ enjoyment coming from killing off natives on their home planet in the pursuit of Unobtanium.  There is a narrative involved in the experience, but the idea is focused around an environment that has recovered and is broadening its reach to permit humans.

“After the war. The gunships are all down and rusting in the jungle. Humans are being welcomed to Pandora.” said Cameron at Disney’s D23 Expo earlier this year.  “You will not be revisiting great moments from the film. The adventure is yours. It’s yours on the planet.” added executive Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde.

There will be floating islands, bioluminescent trees, and a ride that puts you on the back of a banshee over and simulates a flight over Pandora’s landscape.  Named the ‘Flight of Passage‘, the ride is said to be so advanced that it actually feels like you’re flying.

“You literally feel like you’re flying. I know you’ve heard that with other rides before, but this is on whole other level.” expressed the film maker.

As for the actual movies though, it looks like we won’t be getting much info any time soon.  The director reportedly has so much planned for the future instalments in the series that he is still trying to figure out which ideas he wants to include and which he doesn’t.  Furthermore, production has been slowed as Cameron waits for new developments in tech behind the movie industry that can properly realize his ideas.  It’s not clear what he specifically needs or what narrative concepts he wants to use the technology for, but word on the street is that it has something to do with motion-capture technology as well as more advanced rendering processes to handle massively detailed underwater scenes.  There were some pretty big technological advances made recently in the film world, but Cameron ideas apparently go beyond them.

The first Avatar film received tons of acclaim and is perhaps the biggest movie in history – next to Cameron’s other film Titanic.  Thus the director is probably dealing with quite a bit of pressure to not only meet expectations, but exceed them.  However, Cameron is well known for taking his time to develop the projects that are important to him, so regardless of how long it takes to finish, Avatar 2 will very likely be a fantastic piece of cinema.


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