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Astronaut Wants to Compete in London Marathon While in Space

Astronaut and British National Tim Peake will be running a full Marathon distance from Space during the same time the London Marathon will be happening on Earth.

Amanda Kooser From CNET reported the following.

“Peake will time his personal marathon for when the runners in London take off from the starting line on April 24. The astronaut will strap himself to a treadmill so he doesn’t just float off with his legs flailing in the air. He likens the harness system to wearing a backpack. It applies downforce to keep exercising astronauts in contact with the treadmill.

‘The thing I’m most looking forward to is that I can still interact with everybody down on Earth,’ Peake said.
‘I’ll be running it with the iPad and watching myself running through the streets of London whilst orbiting the Earth at 400 kilometers.’

Peake ran the London Marathon back in 1999, finishing with a respectable 3:18:50 time….’I don’t think I’ll be setting any personal bests. I’ve set myself a goal of anywhere between 3:30 to 4 hours,’ he said.

The treadmill that will host Peake’s marathon is called the T2 Colbert (Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill). It was initially installed in the ISS in 2009. It has a vibration-damping system to keep it from shaking the space station when in use.”

Peake is set to head to the International Space Station on December 15.  He will still be at the Space Station when he starts the London marathon on 10:00 GMT on April 24.

ESA reports that Tim Peake is participating in the marathon to support The Prince Trust Organization.  Prince Trust raises money to help young adults find jobs and get an education.


Here is a video from ESA about Tim Peake.

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