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Ashton Kutcher And Danny Masterson To Star In Netflix Series – The Ranch

More of That 70s Show cast starting to hit Netflix.

Laura Prepon joined the Netflix family by starring in the much loved series, Orange Is The New Black. Now it’s Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson’s turn!

The pair will be teaming up for a comedy called “The Ranch”. Don Reo and Jim Patterson, who have worked with Kutcher in the past (on Two and a Half Men), created the project.

Kutcher and Masterson will star as a set of brothers who work on a family run ranch in Colarado.

The series will run in a similar model as Orange Is The New Black. The “straight-to-streaming” service essentially makes chunks of episodes available all at once instead of releasing them one at a time. The show plans to release two batches of episodes with ten in each instalment.

While the two have found success in their individual careers, their on screen chemistry has been missed by fans. That 70s Show was cancelled almost ten years ago…so it’s about time television gets these two hilarious guys back together!

The only bad thing is we have to wait until 2016 to see it happen!

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