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Photo: Arnold Schwarzenegger/ Youtube

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Fans For Charity

Schwarzenegger fans come face to face with the real life Terminator!!

After-School All-Stars is a charity that coordinates after school programs and activities for underprivileged kids. Arnold Schwarzenegger is head chair of the worthy charity that decided to prank fans at the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum. He showed up to surprise people in the museum but he also shocked everyone by walking around the streets of Hollywood in full Terminator gear!

Dressed for the movie set, he wore his iconic leather jacket, dark shades and had his professional makeup done partially showing his cyborg face! While walking around he stumbled upon a busker, who just happened to be a Terminator impersonator, and gave onlookers a T800 showdown.

In full costume he also went shopping for sunglasses, asking the clerk if they were “shotgun proof”. Most memorable were the moments he just wandered the streets finding unsuspecting fans that would listen to him recite lines from T2. He made sure he carried around his “selfie stick” to snap photos of fans. But he also made sure they didn’t get too close, telling them “please don’t bump my selfie stick”…at least he was polite about it!

Schwarzenegger also visited Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, posing as his own Terminator wax model. Arnold stood frozen as preoccupied fans posed with what they thought was a wax model. Of course the photo taking was interrupted when Arnold told them “no touching” and sent fans running away, screaming and laughing.

The prank was a fantastic way to promote the After-School All-Stars charity while giving fans a memory they’ll never forget.

Playing with fans for good causes isn’t a new endeavor for the Govenator. Past charity pranks involved Arnold making an appearance at Gold’s Gym in California as a trainer. He also offered one lucky fan a chance to sit beside him in a M47 tank while he drove over anything in his path.

Want to see more Arnold? Head to theatres on July 2 when Terminator Genisys will be released.

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