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Arizona Man lets out Howl in Court after hearing the Crimes against him

On July 25th a neighbour of Mr and Mrs Wakefield decided to check on the couple. Little did she know she would be walking in on a murder scene. The neighbour claimed that Wakefield answered the door nude and covered in blood which lead police to find his wife, dead inside and decapitated as well as their dogs slaughtered.

Wakefield has a long history of mental illness and even spent 10 years in a mental ward after stabbing one of his relatives in 2003. At the time he was found “guilty, except insane”, a verdict which saved him from going to prison for attempted second degree murder.

10 months ago Wakefield was released on the belief that his mental illness was in remission and that he was no longer a danger, but clearly they were wrong.

Wakefield’s wife, Trina Heisch, was found dead and decapitated in their apartment, covered in stab wounds and surrounded by blood. It looks as though Heisch tried to fight back because her arms were covered in deep cuts and puncture holes along side the deep stab wounds covering her abdomen.

It is believed that Wakefield smoked marijuana and synthetic marijuana an hour before he attacked his wife and he claimed that he was “trying to get the evil out of Trina”.

Wakefield appeared in court on Saturday without a lawyer after being released from hospital. The 43 year old man was omitted to hospital after he allegedly gauged out his own eye and cut off his hand.

The side of this that is getting some real coverage though is the event that happened in court while his crimes were being read out to him.

According to the court, Wakefield let out a two second howl in front of the court while his crimes were being read allowed. These crimes including the murder of his wife and the murder and cruelty inflicted on their dogs.

Wakefield’s bail is being set at $2 million after a prosecutor brought up the fact that he is a danger to the community.

Wakefield’s wife Heisch, also had a history of mental illness. In 2000, Heisch was charged with identical charges to those of Wakefield’s, for stabbing her 15 year old son while he was sleeping. She too served 10 years in a mental ward.

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