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Apple’s iPhone smart case promises users 25 hours of talk time

Apple has released its own smartphone battery case, promising to provide iPhone 6 and 6s users up to “25 hours of talk time” or “18 hours of LTE internet activity.”

The new case, called the Smart Battery Case, rings in at $99. It is made from silicone and comes in white or gray. It will give users more and more hours of internet, audio and video playback and talk use. That should definitely get you through the day and more.

This case addresses the complaints about the smaller-screened iPhone 6 and 6s not having enough battery life. The case basically gives users battery life more like the bigger Plus phones.

It looks a lot like battery cases from other makers such as Mophie, which Apple sells in its stores–with just a couple of small changes that are designed more for Apple users.

For instance, it uses the Lightning charging cable for power like the iPhone, unlike other products that use micro-USB cords. It also has what Apple refers to as “intelligent battery status,” which tells users how much battery their case and phone have from the lock screen, The Washington Post reports.

It sounds good, right? Well, functionally yes. But it’s kind of ugly. Potential buyers should know that the case has a bump in the back where the extra battery sits. I wouldn’t call the design a clean one, so it may be better for people who value function, not form.

Early reviews on the case were OK, but Apple’s version is not the highest-capacity case out there or the best value. The Verge’s Lauren Goode noted that the Mophie Juice Pack has a 2,750mAh compared to the Smart Battery Case, which has a 1,877mAh. This means it actually has more battery capacity and can last for a longer period of time. And the Incipio Offgrid Express provides even more power for just $50.

Others claim the new case is enough to halt the iPhone’s common criticism. Though it may not be a “must buy”  for consumers, it will instill the fear in other companies that Apple could be entering their world. But big companies like Mophie probably won’t be affected.

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