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Best Buy to sell Apple Watch starting next month

That’s right. The Apple Watch is going mass-market.

Beginning August 7, the Apple Watch will be available in Best Buy stores, according to a company statement. This is the first national retailer beyond Apple stores to stock the smartwatch.

One hundred Best Buy stores will sell 16 Apple Watch models, including a 38mm and 42mm sizes, along with watch bands, stands and other accessories, USA Today reports. An additional 200 stores should have the watches on their shelves by the holiday season.

When the watch was launched in April, it was only available in a handful of luxury boutiques and online. This summer, they started appearing in stores.

Jason Bonfig, senior category officer at Best Buy, said in a statement that the Apple Watch is a “big addition” to both Best Buy stores and website. “We know our customers want it,” Bonfig said.

According to Strategic Analytics, the Apple Watch was estimated to have topped at $4 million. But during Apple’s third-quarter earnings call last week, the chief financial adviser Luca Maestri did not say how many watches had been sold.

However, he said that it accounted for “well over 100 percent” of the approximately $900 million growth in the company’s “other products,” ABC News reports.

The “other products” category brought in $2.6 billion from April to June, approximately $1 billion more than last year. The company is refusing to let out the numbers because they do not want to give any information away to competitors.

Here’s my thing: do customers really want it?  Is it worth it?

The watches seem unnecessary. When you already have an Apple smartphone and a regular watch, why would you need a combination of the two? And though they have some crazy advanced features, the reviews are pretty “eh” across the board.

Plus, they range from $349 to $17,000! That’s pretty expensive for me. I think I’ll stick to what I’ve got.

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