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Apple dismisses lawsuit regarding bag checks

A recent lawsuit against Apple went to courts in regards to employees’ bags being checked every time they leave the store. It is a common occurrence for retail stores to do routine bags checks to ensure no merchandise is being taken.

However, Apple employees argue this practice is demeaning and makes them feel distrusted. It is said that at least two Apple employees have brought their concerns directly to Tim Cook about how the bag checks make them feel.

The suit did not hold up in court for very long and was easily dismissed over the fact that if employees would like to skip the bag checks, they should simply not bring any bags in. Lawyers are now looking for different approaches to this case and wanting to open it once again in the future, with a hopefully different outcome.

It is argued by the courts that there is no explicit need for an employee to carry a bag, and therefore they can choose to skip the hassle and bother of the checks by not carrying one.

Personally, I feel bag checks convey a massive sense of distrust. I feel that employees need to be made to feel as though they are trusted and respected, not viewed as a possible threat or loss of money to the company. I agree with the argument that the Apple employees have made that the bag checks are unnecessary and embarrassing. Apple says the only way to get around these bag checks is to not carry a bag, and I feel this is unfair. Again, employees should feel comfortable in their workplace and not be treated as potential thefts.

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