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An Eye for an Eye: Grizzly Bear to be Euthanized for Killing Experienced Hiker

When I was a young girl my mother always had a rule for killing bugs. If it is in the house, go ahead, if it’s outside leave it alone. I have carried this teaching with me for a long time. Her rule made perfect sense. If the bug was in my living environment then it seemed okay, but if I was in it’s environment I had no right to change the way it lived. In my later age I have come to the different decision that nothing should die for the greater good of myself, a belief that very few seem to hold.

One hot button issue that many people find quite controversial is the issue of killing animals. Everyday, all over the world animals are filed into slaughterhouses so that we have food on the table at the end of the day. Animals are “put down” when they get too old or no longer serve their purpose, and of course, animals are put down for killing humans.
Last Friday a man from Montana went missing in Yellowstone National park and police believe it was a grizzly bear who killed him. Wildlife biologists believe they have captured the bear that supposedly killed the man while he was hiking in the wilderness but still need to compare DNA and check the feces of the animal. If it turns out that this is the bear that killed him, she will apparently have to face the same fate.
Wildlife biologists are saying that of it turns out this is the bear that killed 63 year old Lance Crosby the bear will be euthanized. To make matters worse the female grizzly is the mother of two cubs, one of which is in custody, and if a home can’t be found for them, they too will be put down.
Because it appears as though Crosby may have been half eaten (a guess made based on the mauled state he was found in), park rangers have not yet determined whether this was a survival instinct or if it was a purposeful tactic of finding food.
For the most part not many people have commented too much on the fate of this bear but here is something to think about: how is an event like this any different from the recent death of Cecil the lion? The Internet blew up the last two weeks over the murder of Cecil, a lion who was being studied by a university. This lion, besides the fact that it was being studied, didn’t have any other real significance. It was simply a lion who was hunted and killed and as a result the world grew angry at the events and it went public.
It can easily be compared to this bear. As mentioned earlier the bear is clearly a mother with two cubs and this man was on her turf. Animal instinct is to protect their young, same as any mother would do for their own child, and because this animal determined this man was dangerous she is losing her life as well as her cubs. My question is: why is the Internet not blowing up for this bear as it did for Cecil? Mostly likely it is because of the fact that the man was killed in the process, something that did not happen with Cecil. However, we need to keep in mind that this is an animal, not a human. A dog would not be sent to jail for stealing a woman’s bag so an animal should not be killed for defending it’s cubs in the wild! To make matters worse, people are aware that this could happen to the bear and no one is taking a stand! Cecil came as a surprise but this one is right out in the open.
It is wonderful that the national park is so concerned about the safety of the people who visit, 3.5 million in the last year, but should it really have to come at the cost of another life? We humans in most parts of the world now have eliminated the death penalty on our own species, should we not be practising this on others as well?

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