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Americans, HIV, and Ignorance

Everyone loves sexual intercourse right? It is an experience that can bring great pleasure to a person, it can relieve their nervousness, and it’s proven to be good for you on a regular basis. Of course, something that brings all these benefits like intercourse always has drawbacks or side effects if you are not careful. The biggest worries that are a result from intercourse are unwanted or accidental pregnancies, or the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases. The good thing is, for most of these situations, there is an easy fix. There is the controversial topic of abortion to stop unwanted pregnancies, and there are many kinds of medicines to kill sexually transmitted diseases or repress their visual effects for ones that are permanent, such as herpes. However, there is one virus that cannot be stopped, and that is human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV. Usually, if someone knows they have this virus, they can go and get treatment right away and delay it’s symptoms. However, it is not that simple. The worry behind this, is that there is such a thing as being asymptomatic, or showing no symptoms, even when you are infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Most people who are sexually active and see that they have no visual or physical signs of an std think they are okay, but in reality, they may very well not be.

In the United States, there are thirteen percent of people who are completely oblivious to the fact that they have HIV, and that is a scary statistic. For the optimists out there, I know that you are looking from the other end of the spectrum and thinking that its good that eighty seven percent of people know, and I agree, but at the end of the day, that leaves approximately forty one million and six hundred thousand people, totally unaware. Sounds much worse when I use actual numbers right? Well its the true. Think about the amount of people in that thirteen percent alone who probably like to travel, for whatever reason, they could be spreading HIV to a whole other country! Clinical trials have shown that if someone gets treatment the moment HIV strikes, the chance of death or severe illness is cut in half. However, for those walking around not knowing, they are essentially ticking time bombs.

So what does this mean? How can you find out if you have HIV or any other kind of STD? The answer is simple. If you know that you are a sexually active person who sleeps around frequently, get yourself tested regularly for the safety of yourself and for your partners. I understand that not feeling anything is a satisfying feeling, but many things could be causing that. For instance, the disease may not be in your system long enough to show physical symptoms. Another reason could be that your immune system is strong enough to suppress the virus, so nothing is showing because of that. The last thing I could think of, but would be rather unlikely, is that you are already feeling the symptoms, but you are able to look past them as if they are not painful or bothersome. Like I said, unlikely, but there are some time where people just ignore when it burns when they urinate, or claim that sores caused by herpes or warts are just pimples. I cannot stress this enough, please go get tested if you know you frequently have sex.

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