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American Idol Cancelled

“Dim The Lights, Here We Go…”

After 15 seasons, it’s official. American Idol is finally calling it quits!

To be completely honest…I’m not surprised. Past seasons have had their problems, but certain changes have made the show almost painful to watch. Ratings are plummeting and viewers are switching to much better shows (presumably The Voice – which I LOVE!!)

Here are a few reasons why I think the show has been suffering:

  • The new condensed format of the show. The show used to be two nights a week. One night of singing and one night of results. It allowed more time for the contestants to talk to the judges, show the viewers who they are and on the results night there were tons of great duets and group performances! Now it’s all packed into one night of rushed comments from the judges, nervous performances from contestants and Ryan Seacrest trying to hold it all together!
  • The attention seeking Harry Connick Jr. Before he became a judge, I was actually a fan of the guy. But it became apparent very quickly, watching him on the show, that he’s a total child. Watching this seasons on stage spat with Quentin Alexander made my skin crawl. Harry needed to be told long ago that the show is about the contestants and not a platform for him to show the world he knows what pentatonics are or to tell us how much the show pays to host the singers. 
  • The blatant favoritism for certain contestants. In my opinion, the show usually has a pretty clear winner from the top 10. This season, for me, it’s Clark. He’s an absolute talent and is one of the only reasons I still tune in every week. However, it is clear that almost every week he gets some kind of smoke screen, trivial criticism from the judges. Yet, Jax – who gives “okay” performances every week – gets high praise after almost every performance! There seems to be the obvious top contestant and then the contestant that the SHOW feels should win. The favoritism doesn’t only come out in the judges comments though. It also shows in the songs chosen, the staging and the sound mixing. Hopefully this year, America won’t see through the Jax-colored-glasses and instead will vote for the most talented performer/singer to win.
  • The Idol Fan Save. This seemed like one of the most thrown-together changes that the show implemented. Basically, what the Idol Fan Save did was render the voting from the previous week meaningless. Even if Rayvon, for instance, got the lowest number of votes…it didn’t matter. Viewers get a chance to save him regardless. So why vote at all for the next week? If you can just tune in and in 5 minutes change the results of the previous voting?

One can only hope that for the final, farewell season of American Idol they go back to their roots and give the viewers their traditional format, more great singers and maybe give Harry a bit of a slap on the wrist.

So tune in January 2016 for the 15th and final season of American Idol…or pop on over to NBC to watch a real singing show…The Voice! 😉

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