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Amazon Shutting Down Fake Reviewers

For those who are not aware as to what it is, Amazon is a website that allows people to place products into an online store, maybe write some details about it and then give it a price for people to bid on or buy right away. There is also a feature which allows people to write reviews on the products if there is more than one or maybe talk about a product similar to it. The problem with it, and something which a lot of people may not think about is how do we know how honest these reviews are? The seller could have very well wrote that review themselves, they could have bribed someone to write that review for them, or they could have even gotten someone to write a positive review about the product to lure someone into buying it and then once the product is purchased, they split the earnings! Well Amazon is trying to put a stop to it, and here is how.

Amazon plans to use a program called machine learning, which will become progressively smarter and will bring the reviews that seem most legitimate based on what customers believe to the top of the list. A lawsuit filed by Amazon against multiple companies for writing false reviews to boost the popularity of their products is what caused Amazon to bring about such a program.

I am wondering if this program will actually work, based on how they say it will. I say this because I am extremely curious as to how the program will gauge what is the deemed an “honest” review. I do not know the specifics of how the program works, but it just seems to me like these same malicious people could manipulate this program if they chose to. Hopefully it works and people are able to enjoy the products they buy and not be scammed.

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