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Alleviating Backpack Strain

With back-to-school starting a little over a month ago, it’s nearing the winter months and backpacks are inevitably filling with extraneous belongings that are unavoidably adding on weight.

It may not seem like it at the time, but all of the extra weight can lead to long-term problems including back pain and improper posture.

This problem is not specific in age, effecting students of all academic levels. Younger kids are loaded up with books, sweaters, snacks, and some small toys or items to keep them amused during breaks throughout the day. Adult students are just as likely to have similar items in their bag.

There are some ways to combat this weight, and rather than continuously trying to eliminate items, it instead begins with choosing the right backpack. One with less pockets will eliminate both the desire to fill them, as well as the idea that there is room for more to carry.

Unfortunately, in this day and age there is no end to the supplies that have become a necessity for everyday school, impacting students of all ages — tablets, notebooks, textbooks, laptops, binders, writing utensils, food, water, and extra clothes. All of this adds up quite quickly. Still, there are some ways to pack backpacks in a way that causes less strain. Putting heavier items flush against the back is the ideal way to pack, and try swapping out heavy items with lighter alternatives.

Ideally, backpacks should not exceed 10 percent of a student’s weight, which will help to alleviate any problems with posture or spinal problems. Try to eliminate unnecessary weight by checking if binder size can be reduced, or if a locker can be utilized for items you are not using.

Backpacks should regularly be checked and cleaned out to rid excess weight from unnecessary items.

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