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Alabama Graduation Has A Divine Visitor

Usually a valedictorian or speaker at any graduation prays that their speech goes off without a hitch. Usually it’s the dread of memorization, and fear of freezing up that the speaker will remember the most. But this was not the case in Trussville, Alabama at a high school graduation last Thursday. Graduating senior, Christian Crawford made a speech that will be remembered for many years at Clay-Chalkville High School.

If you asked Crawford that morning how his speech was coming along, he would have not had the slightest idea what you were talking about. What began as a run of the mill graduation ceremony itinerary was suddenly stopped when a member of the audience suffered from some type of medical emergency.

What happened next was at the will of God, so the recipient proclaims. Crawford sprang to the podium and delivered a powerful, impromptu prayer that held thousands of eyes and ears. In a very convincing clip that you can see here, Crawford did not miss a beat. His great public speaking abilities are sure to aid him in his field, as Crawford aims to be a Politician.

Crawford will not take the credit for the prayer for which he claims he was the vessel, and is reassured that he opened this mouth and God spoke through him. All is well with the medical victim.

Stories such as this one will endlessly fascinate me. The power of faith is not something that can physically be measured, but for some it does not need to be. Yet it is this faith some devote their entire life, while others seek it in times of need, and some feel no need for it at all.

Faith is not a new concept to the human race. Perhaps this is the reason that it remains tangled into our everyday society and vocabulary.

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