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A nice day for a White Wedding

Everyone knows that wearing white to a wedding is a big no no, but what if your entire wedding party wore white dresses and at your expense? Well that is exactly what happened at the wedding between Deri Rogers and Ben Wood. The two recently got married in the U.K. and are now happily married.

The two men decided they wanted something different about their wedding, and different they did! The part about their wedding that no one would have expected, came from the outfit choice for the wedding party. The two men knew that when they married there would be no big white wedding gown, no big reveal to wow the crowd, so they decided to do something incredible. They had all ten of their bridesmaids dress themselves in the whitest of white wedding dresses that they all got to pick themselves.

The two grooms gave the girls two places where they could find a dress and paid for each one themselves, dropping nearly $700 on just one of them! When the wedding day finally rolled around the two vowed their love for one another, surrounded by ten beautiful girls in ten beautiful white wedding gowns.

The reason behind so many bridesmaids was because the two didn’t want any of their girlfriends to be left out and just settled on having all of them!

The idea was an interesting and even economical idea because some of these girls have the chance to wear these gowns at their own wedding if they so choose.

There were three photographers who were hired to photograph the spectacle so that all could have this lovely memory in print.

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