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A More Efficient Way Of Treating Emergencies

They are scary, unexpected, and the symptoms of them strike like a bolt of lightning to the ground. I am talking about heart attacks. They claim many lives every year, especially in a country like the United States, where overweight and obesity is a common thing. Many of the people who die from this terrible illness could have been saved if medical professionals found some kind of way to increase the speed of their working capabilities. Well, a small tweak in technology turned out to save a heart attack victim.

Yvette Samuels was listening to music at home and felt a sharp, stabbing pain in her left shoulder. She suspected it was a heart attack and acted quickly. The time that she had before the heart attack took over was enough for her to get outside of her home and knock on the next door neighbor’s door. Luckily, her next door neighbor was home and found her on the floor, and immediately got her the help she needed. After using some electrocardiogram machines on her, they were able to keep Samuels alive long enough to reach the nearest hospital. Once they arrived at the facility, the technology in the ambulance which allowed them to contact the hospital and tell them they had a heart attack patient coming allowed the staff in the hospital were able to prepare a room which allowed them to be ready for Samuels when she arrived. Thanks to their efforts, Samuels was resuscitated in under an hour.

I am so happy for technology like this, even though it should have existed a long time ago in my opinion. I know that this new technology will save many more people in the future from illnesses more severe and less severe than heart attacks. I usually say that I hope that hospitals will increase their efficiency, but I am actually quite content with what is going on right now. Ambulances, firetrucks, and police cars with sirens on all have the right of way, so much that all cars must cease movement until they have cleared the way, there is technology that allows vehicles to communicate with hospitals, and people are getting saved faster than ever. The only other thing I could ask for would be some kind of way to get people from the site of accidents to the hospital faster, but doing that safely is out of our reach at the moment.

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