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A Mick Fanning Replay

Many are calling this the “Mick Fanning replay” after a 52 year old man fought off a shark that was attacking him by repeatedly punching it before making a break for the shore. The 52 year old man has been identified as Craig Ison, an Evans Head local who was out surfing with a friend when the shark attacked him.

Two two are from Australia and said that they go surfing every morning but that day had second thoughts about going. They changed their minds because “it was such a beautiful day”.

His friend, Geoff Hill, soon spotted the shark and Ison in the water and yelled for everyone to get out of the water before paddling towards his companion to help. Ison was already paddling back to shore so his friend and many around them quickly used his surfboard as a stretcher and with quick thinking, used the leg ropes on the surf boards to tie a tourniquet around his leg which was injured.

Ison suffered injuries on his arm and leg, having a 15 inch bite mark on the left side of his body ranging from his hip to his upper thigh.

The events of the shark attack that hold the most interest though, would be around how Ison fought off the deadly beast. When the shark bit his leg and dragged him off of his board, Ison proceeded to punch the shark and wrestle with it before making a break for the shore. Some, including Hill, are calling it a Mick Fanning replay, referencing the shark attack earlier this year where surfer Mick Fanning performed similar stunts.

Once police and paramedics arrived, Ison was taken to hospital where paramedics and staff worked on him frantically. Detective Inspector Cameron Lindsay said that the tourniquet that was tied on his leg may have saved his life and he gave praise for their quick thinking.

Paramedics said that a lot of the flesh from the bite was missing but the muscles seem to be intact.



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