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A Line of Cannabis Products from Infamous Rap Artist

Snoop Dogg has taken advantage of the legalization of marijuana in Colorado to turn his hobby into a business. The 44-year-old rap artist has released a line of cannabis products- Leafs by Snoop.

Many blunt rolling fans of Snoop Dogg rejoice. In Leafs by Snoop, there are edibles, concentrates and flowers.The products are available in both medical and recreational establishments.

It is important in the Cannabis business to provide different forms of cannabis to consume as many people don’t/can’t smoke. There are a variety of types for each product offered. There are chocolate bars, peanut flavoured and fruit chew treats. The marijuana flowers come in 8 strains, which includes sativa, indica and high-cannabinoid dominant strains. Each different type of cannabis has a different level of THC and CBD, which creates different effects. With Colorado’s financial success since the legalization of Marijuana, it can only be expected that Snoop’s new pursuit will better his already huge financial success.

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