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A Deadly Encounter – A Sea Snake And Stonefish Found Stuck Bitten Onto Each Other

A unique under water encounter was caught on camera this week!

Rick Trippe is an Australian champion spear fisherman. He was fishing earlier this week near Darwin Harbor when he saw something rather peculiar in the water!

He found two deadly animals, a sea snake and a venomous stonefish, locked onto each other. Without a second thought, he grabbed the two animals up and separated them with his hands! He gave an interview to the BBC and told them:

“I’m silly but not mad. (…) I knew this was dangerous. I knew if I grabbed it I wouldn’t get the bitten. (…) Being an animal lover, I grabbed the snake just behind the head with serious precaution, knowing that sea snakes are highly venomous. I removed the poisonous fish from its mouth and body.”

Picking two extremely dangerous animals up while they are fighting is a very risky move, but Trippe has experience handling snakes and felt comfortable getting right in there.

Despite putting himself in harms way to help separate and save the two animals, his efforts were in vain. The minute Trippe put the 6 foot long sea snake back into the water, it swam over to the stonefish and ate it.

This wasn’t the first strange experience Trippe has had with animals. Just two weeks ago he was dispatched with a rescue team to help a horse who found itself in a dangerous situation. The horse had fallen into a shark and crocodile infested harbour and it was up to Trippe’s team to save it.

Trippe is the Darwin Diving Club president and it took a diver, a board and about six tries before they were able to help the horse to safety.

So if you ever find a raccoon stuck in quick sand, or a monkey attacking a rabbit attacking an aardvark…you know the man to call! He’s got plenty experience helping animals out of strange circumstances.

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