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A bigger brain doesn’t mean greater intelligence

According to a large study that crosses the data of ten previous researches, having a larger brain is not a guarantee of having a higher IQ, since what matters is how is structured gray matter.

Jakob Pietschnig (director from the University of Vienna) said the past Wednesday that the data clearly show that scientists had “overestimated” the alleged relationship between brain size and intellectual performance.

The scientist said that the deciding factor is “the structure of the cortex, the midbrain and the cerebellum, and the fact that white matter is connected with the gray matter in an optimal way.”

The study was published in the journal Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews last week, after Pietschnig and his team undertake a meta-analysis from more than 88 studies with more than 8,000 participants.
The data show that men got a larger brain than women, but they don’t have more cognitive abilities.

Meanwhile, people with an abnormally large brain, a condition known as megaencefalia, have on average a lower performance on IQ tests, said Pietschnig.

Same logic it’s applied to the animal kingdom, for example: the whales got a brain of at least nine kilos, then it should be the smartest animal on the planet… but as we know, it is not.

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