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Who doesn’t love a couple of Aussies?


Keith Urban is one of the reasons, if not the only reason that American Idol has maintained its country fan base after Carrie Underwood won the competition back in 2005. The Aussie seemed a peculiar choice in replacing former judge Steven Tyler, but with his massive fan base, and dazzling accent in the end proved to be a clever addition to the panel of judges.

Urban and his wife, Nicole Kidman attended the American Idol Finale on Wednesday night. A big evening for Urban as a judge, as well as a performer in the finale, with the hottest date to boot. Kidman stood slightly over her husband in a modest pair of black L.K. Bennett sandals, (reportedly one of Duchess Kate’s favourite brands) completing her ensemble of a cheetah wrap dress, making her the only woman ever to make animal print look that sophisticated. She quite frankly makes 47 look like 37, especially showing off her trademark feature, (and the envy of any girl shorter than 5″3) those never-ending legs. Keith went for a classic black suit and tie look, not to stray too far from his usual casual. The two were seen hand-in-hand, smiles, and laughs for the entire evening. It is nice to see a celebrity marriage that has lasted and grown over the years.

The pair wed back in 2006, nine years and two kids later they remain one of the major celebrity power couples. But what makes the country star and the film star such a crowd favourite?

For one, no one likes a show off. Despite their success these two stars like to keep things pretty low key. They seem like actual humans. Urban is personally one of the greatest performers I have ever seen and probably the most genuine. His Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing tour followed his period spend in rehab, which the singer addressed in a very professional and honest way. He thanked his fans for the support and love through the difficulties that he had faced that year, and followed with a comment about how completely honoured he was that his fans spend their hard earned time and money on his music (that was enough to bring the fan girl in me to tears). Lastly, who doesn’t love a couple of Aussies?

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