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911 Dispatcher Helps A Couple In A Car Deliver Baby Over The Phone

They say the first two weeks at a job are the honeymoon phase. For William Kalaher, a new 911 dispatcher from Utah, the honeymoon phase was skipped and he was thrown head first into delivering a baby!

The call came to Kalaher last Friday. Kristin Allred and her husband Shay were on their way to the Salt Lake City hospital. Their baby was coming fast and Kristin was unsure if they’d make it in time. With not many options, they picked up the phone and called 911. Kristin said:

“We were really close [to the hospital]; I just felt like I needed to start pushing. From when we started talking to 911, within a minute I had given birth.”

Most seasoned dispatchers would have a difficult time maintaining composure during this kind of call, but Kalaher kept himself and the Allreds in check. He walked Kristin through the whole thing from pushing to tying off the umbilical cord. He even helped keep the couple focused when they realized their brand new baby girl hadn’t taken a breath yet. Kalaher directed Kristin in repositioning the baby in attempts to start her breathing (which worked like a charm).

Shay kept driving the whole time and with the help of Kalaher, they managed to deliver the baby, encourage breathing and get to the hospital. They are now the proud parents of a beautiful and healthy baby girl named Anne. Shay said:

“You see this little gooey baby come out, and you instantly just like fall in love with it.”

Delivering a baby is hard enough, but helping someone to deliver their own baby over the phone…while they are in a car…that’s another story! Kalaher received much praise from his superiors at work and of course from the grateful couple.

Everybody has a birth story, but Anne’s will be one that I’m sure will get told and retold every year.

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