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Credit: Madyson Middleton KSBW

8 year old Girl’s Body found in Recycling bin, 15 year old in Custody

On Monday night at 7:55pm, Santa Cruz Police officers found the body of 8 year old Madyson Middleton hidden inside a recycling bin outside the Art Centre in Santa Cruz. Middleton had been missing since Sunday evening around 5pm where she was last seen riding her scooter outside of her apartment building. After her mother realized she’d disappeared, local authorizes were contacted and volunteers, police and 50 FBI agents were deployed to begin what would be the 26 hour search for young Middleton. Police and family were hopeful for a safe return but were left saddened and heartbroken when Middleton’s body was found late Monday night.

Just minutes after Middleton’s body was found, a 15 year old boy, who lived in the same apartment building as Middleton, was arrested for her murder. Police have decided to leave the young boy nameless until further notice. It is believed that the young boy lured her into his apartment where they were then alone and he proceeded to murder her and the dump her body into the recycling bin and cover her remains with several materials. It is not believed that Middleton was forced into the apartment but simply trusted the boy and followed him in. The young boy was standing nearby  the officers as they searched the bin Monday night and was soon after arrested.

It is not yet clear whether the young teen will be charged as an adult for the crime, however, Jeffery Rossell, Santa Cruz County District Attorney, in an interview did admit that there did seem to be enough evidence to charge him as an adult. Rossell will be the one to have the final decision and so far he has said that there is still a lot for investigators to go through before he can make any kind of decision.

For now, the young boy and his family will wait until a verdict is made. The young boys mother was supposedly there as her son was taken away in handcuffs, hysterical from the scene in front of her.

The question till remains: why would a 15 year old boy want to kill an 8 year old girl? The answer to this question is still unknown. Police even responded without comment when asked if there was any trauma to the girl at the time of her death.

The young boy is currently being held in a juvenile delinquent centre until Police decide what to do with him. For now, our hearts go out to the family of the young girl.

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