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#Showyourstrap or #Showyourscar but always #Showyoursupport

UK retailer Marks and Spencer has launched the #SHOWYOURSTRAP campaign alongside Breast Cancer Now with the goal of raising £13 million to make breast cancer testing available to all women in the UK. The campaign webpage pictures a number of female members of the M&S Style & Living team sharing their personal story and connection to the campaign. The black and white portraits on the page feature a pop of pink as these women bare a peak of their bra strap for the camera.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the designer of the new collection, (Rosie’s Breast Cancer Now Range) 10% of sales go to Breast Cancer Now, and the line also includes the designer’s first post-surgery bra.

The webpage goes a little deeper into the lives of cancer survivors or those who have lost loved ones in interview clips of these women expressing the importance of checking and being aware of our bodies. The campaign has assembled a diverse group of women of all ages with different ethnic and professional backgrounds- serving as our big reminder that cancer does not discriminate.

Celebrities such as Maisie Williams have posted a snap of their strap in support of the campaign- the campaign whose goal is to raise money and awareness for testing and cancer research. MISSION SUCCESSFUL! With the beauty of social media, another hashtag was created by those cancer survivors who thought the strap idea a little too Hollywood given the reality of this horrible disease.

In the creation of the hashtag #Showyourscar  it lends an ear and an eye to the public so that we may be reminded or become more informed about the struggle cancer survivors know all too well. Perhaps too real for the world of advertising, but then again-what else is the real use social media other than connecting the world?

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