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7 year old Missing boy Believed to be Found Dead in Plastic Pipe

There is no worse thought in this world than losing a child. It is ever parent’s worst, and most unimaginable nightmare. For one Yorkshire family, it seems as though this nightmare is coming true. Although it is not confirmed yet, police believe they have found the body of 7 year old missing child, Conley Thompson who went missing last Sunday evening. Thompson was reportedly playing with some of his friends at a park about a mile from where his supposed body was found. It is believed that around 8pm on the Sunday, Thompson left the park he was playing in to return home but never made it that far. Shortly after this time he was reported as missing and the search for the young boy began. At approximately 8:30 am this morning, the boy believed to be Thompson was pulled out of a plastic pipe in a construction site in the Worsbrough area of Barnsely, not far from where the young boy lived. It had been raining recently and it is believed that the boy slipped while he was too close to the pipe and fell in where he eventually died. After Thompson’s disappearance the entire community joined in an attempt to find the young boy, having 50 police officers deployed as well as the school board and neighbors going to social media and spreading the word about finding him. Some neighbors even reported a search helicopter in the area.

Many people visited the construction site today to pay tribute to the little boy who will be missed. Flowers and teddy bears where stacked high by those who came to pay their respects to their friend, classmate, neighbor, and family member.  His grieving grandmother visited the sited where Thompson is believed to have been found, to pay her respects to her beloved grandson. In interviews she had nothing but kind, and beautiful words to describe her grandson, saying how happy he always was. She described her family as being ‘shell-shocked’ and that even she was having a hard time coming to terms with the death. St. Thomas’ Church will be open tomorrow and Wednesday for those who would like to pay their respects the young boy and his family and a book of condolences will be available for the public. Our thoughts and prayers go out the family of this tragic accident.

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