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5 haunted houses to get your heart racing

As Halloween draws closer, thrill seekers everywhere are looking for the haunted house that will scare the pants off of them. Here are five Halloween attractions from across the United States that will send shivers down your spine and summon screams from even the most experienced haunted house goers.

The Erebus Haunted Attraction in Pontiac, Michigan comes with a disclaimer, warning thrill seekers of what they will find inside: “You will experience audio & visual disturbances, low visibility, strobe lights, fog, damp and/or wet conditions, encounter uneven walking surfaces in a physically demanding environment.”

There’s no doubt about it. This four-story haunted house is scary. There are numerous emergency exists throughout the attraction for those who can’t handle the terror anymore. Fair warning, there is no refund for those who can’t finish and no re-entry either for those who want to try again.

The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania is said to have “more pyrotechnics than a KISS concert.” This drive-through asylum features 75 actors throughout the 25-minute tour. That’s just part of the terror. The property also features the Bates Motel, where animatronic props are waiting to pop out and get your heart going. It’s also equipped with floor boards that come alive. For those who still want more, the property features a Haunted Corn Trail.

Heading down to the great south, the 13th Gate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana takes thrill seekers through a snake-infested swamp, hidden underground passages, and an ice cave. Your goal – “to be a survivor, not a victim, of the house.”

If the 13 different realms of the 13th Gate aren’t enough for you, cross the street and visit Necropolis 13. This attraction has you dodging the living dead through a New Orleans-style cemetery. The cemetery also features a voodoo fire show on the weekends for those who want to see some pyro action.

Haunted Overload in Lee, New Hampshire takes place at the DeMerritt Hill Farm, which is a family-fun farm where people can come to pick their own fresh fruit and vegetables. Come Halloween, the farm becomes overrun with terrible sites, including larger-than-life monsters. For those who are faint of heart, Haunted Overload offers the “Day Haunt” and “Fright Night Lite” which are intended for those who want to experience the decorations without the scare. Warning: the attraction will deny admission to those with certain medical conditions. Yes, it’s that scary.

The final attraction to make our list is Netherworld, Atlanta. “The Rotting” is Netherworld’s main event, telling the story of witches who feed off the life force of humans, causing their bodies to decay and their hunger to grow stronger. This portion features the Alien Flesh Lab, Slithering Soul Eater, and Rotting Dead attractions. For those craving even more, visit “Vault 13: Unearthed,” the decommissioned military base that has been reactivated by forces beyond our world.

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