Thursday , February 20 2020
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41 Dead Due to Toxic Moonshine in Mumbai

Forty-one people have died and an additional twenty-four are receiving treatment in Mumbai after they consumed toxic liquor. The death toll is expected to rise as three men, aged 30, 47 and 50 were arrested on Thursday night in connection with the deaths of the people who were largely from a slum in Malad West.

So far, this is the worst case of death by bootleg liquor in Mumbai in the last decade apart from the Vikhroli hooch tragedy in 2004 where more than 100 died as a result of bootleg liquor.

Home-made liquor is a big problem in India, and this incident only goes to show the dangers of drinking toxic home-made liquor. Although it is cheap, usually selling for less than a dollar per bottle, it is extremely common in causing deaths. It is relatively uncommon in the big city of Mumbai, with deaths usually occurring in the smaller areas of India like in Uttar Pradesh where in 2013, more than 12 people were arrested for killing three dozen villagers with their toxic liquor.

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