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Sale of Breast Milk A Threat To Your Health

I think the first time I had the joy of hearing about the fetish of human breast milk was probably on a TLC show, Strange Fetishes, where a husband kept impregnating his wife to ensure a steady supply of breast milk. Apparently he found this to be quite sexy and breast milk seemed to turn him on quite a bit, luckily I turned this off. However, breast milk fetishes was to resurface again in my life when I heard that human breast milk was being bought online by fetishists (probably this woman’s husband if she got tired of reproducing), as well as bodybuilders and cancer patients.

Luckily, researchers from the United Kingdom report that human breast milk being sold through specialist websites and social media groups can be a huge danger to your health. The Queen Mary University of London team claimed that the unpasteurized milk could carry dangerous bacteria that could include hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV and syphilis to those who consume it.

So why did this trade in human breast milk begin? Well, women who could not produce enough of it themselves really needed it. However, others jumped on the bandwagon, bodybuilders felt that it would be the best way to achieve muscle mass, cancer patients felt that the anti-bodies would help them fight their cancer and fetishists just wanted it.

Doctors conducting the research were particularly worried about the fact that the milk’s target market is cancer patients. The fact that it carries high levels of bacteria anyways, coupled with the fact that some of it can contain hepatitis, HIV and syphilis means that it could be absolutely horrendous for patients whose immune systems are already horribly compromised. It is not a cure, it is a health risk and can actually lead to an increase in complications for the sick patients.

Responses from websites that facilitate the sale of breast milk state that they do have quality standards, they just were not able to provide anything beyond guidelines that their members are supposed to adhere to. In short, for those interested in buying breast milk, it is probably best not to.

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