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30% of Americans Have an Alcohol Use Disorder

Just about everyone who grows up in a rather laid back home experiences this. They get to the age where they become interested in alcohol, but are not legally allowed to try any. Sooner or later, especially in the United States, the teenage population grows tired of waiting for their time to finally come and they find some way to get their hands on the mind boggling beverage. In the states in particular, this type of behavior has lead to thirty percent of Americans developing some kind of alcohol use problem.

Studies have concluded that thirty percent of Americans around the states have or have had some kind of alcohol drinking problem, and very few go for treatment. I do not blame those who do not go for treatment. Why? Because it is incredibly hard with alcohol in particular to see that you have a problem. If you are using illegal drugs that’s one thing, but with alcohol, everyone uses it. Underage minors, fellow peers and everyday people in bars and other establishments where alcohol is consumed are not out of the ordinary by any means. Heck, people even joke about having a bad day and that it does not really matter because they are going to be drinking later. There are even people who likely get addicted to being intoxicated through alcohol because it loosens them up and helps them forget about their daily problems through a false sense of happiness that likely results in a hangover.

I find it difficult to relate to these kinds of individuals because I am the kind of person that faces a problem head on, as opposed to hiding behind something else to avoid it. Some might say that I can use the gym as a crutch to escape from some bad news. I will admit, I do go to the gym sometimes when I have a problem, but it is not to run away from the problem. For me, going to the gym helps me clear my head and lets me think more clearly about how I can tackle a problem. So my advice to those people who are struggling with alcohol use? Find something productive to occupy your time and make yourself a better person. At the same time, do not let it consume you the way alcohol does, otherwise you will have gone in one big circle.

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