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Credit: 'Find Dahlia' Facebook page

25 year old beaten to death in Nepal

Dahlia Yehia, a young woman of 25, has been deemed dead after going on a trip to Nepal earlier this summer.

Young Yehia was described as being an artist, a teacher, and to have been incredibly talented. From her social media biographies and from hearing from family and friends it is clear that Ms. Yehia was far from an inexperienced traveler and knew what she was doing when she decided to embark on a trip to Nepal.

The young girl had studied abroad in Ecuador and even traveled from Michigan to Phoenix solo after graduation. She has also worked in Boston and Texas, living there while she did. So when she set out for Nepal, all would have seemed well.

Yehia arrived in Nepal on July 20th and began backpacking through the country. She made sure to keep in touch with her family through social media to let them know she was alright and well.

On August 6th however, Yehia did not check in with her family and that is when the nightmare began. Friends and family created a Facebook page called “Finding Dahlia” in the hopes of having people around the world assist them in their search as they anxiously waited for news.

Unfortunately, that news came on September 4th. Her family was contacted by the U.S. Embassy and let the family know the heart wrenching news that their daughter was no longer alive.

Narayan Paudel, the man who was hosting Yehia as a guest while she was in Nepal, was arrested on September 4th for the murder of Dahlia Yehia. He apparently confessed to beating her to death and then dumping her remains in a river. Police have begun searching the river for her remains but have not been so successful.

Yehia met Paudel on couchsurfing.com, a website that allows travelers to connect with locals int he area and find a place to stay.

After Paudel was arrested he apparently attempted to commit suicide by jumping out of a window in the police station.

The family of Yehia is heartbroken and grieving over the loss of such a wonderful individual. Our thoughts go out to the family at this difficult time.

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