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2 New Nexus Phones Announced

Two new nexus phones in 2015, but no tablets.

Looks like nexus users have something to look forward to this year, as nexus has announced that they’re enhancing their lineup. Google has come out about plans for two new nexus smartphones, a normal-sized from LG and a phablet by Huawei.

The LG version will be a 5.2 inch handset, currently codenamed angler, while Huawei’s is a 5.7 inch slab dubbed Bullhead, according to Android Police (which has a terrific track record when it comes to leaks, both devices are expected to show up in October.

One thing we won’t be seeing this year, the Android-focused site says, is a new Nexus tablet. Meaning anyone looking for the Nexus slate will have to sick with the Nexus 9 for now, unless we get a nice surprise at the Google I/O event.

Rumored specs for the two new smartphones are pretty thin. With no info on resolution or storage capacity for either device. But as far as processors go, LG’s phone is expected to pack the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808, while the Huawei should get the Snapdragon 810. The only other rumored spec to speak of are the batteries, which Android Police expects to be a 2700mAh for the Angler and 3500mAh for the Bullhead.

Now, you’re probably thinking; Why would they make two nexus phones? Isn’t that going to compete with themselves? And haven’t they always just released one phone a turn, no overlays, gimmicks, etc?

Having two phones really does make things a little more interesting, and it’s something foreign in Nexus land, but it would be a smart marketing move to cater to the smaller phone user, and the phablet fans of the world.

It’s also believed that the phones could be available in two different parts of the world, which would make things very interesting to say the least.

And that reasoning comes from the fact that you’ve probably never heard of Huawei, and that’s because they’ve had a hell of a time trying to break into the U.S. market, thanks to political issues, as well as a large difference from American smartphone shoppers (hell, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in Canada either) but last june, Huawei resorted to selling phones directly to U.S. consumers.

A partnership with google including promotional space on the Google Store, could be Huawei’s next attempt to break into the U.S. market, but it’s also just as likely they’ll end up selling it anywhere but.


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