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2 Children Attacked By Sharks

This past weekend, two young people lost limbs in separate shark attacks in coastal North Carolina. The strangest thing about the attacks is that the two were in waist-deep water and only about twenty yards offshore when they were attacked by the sharks. Even stranger, the two attacks occurred within ninety minutes of each other and within two miles of each other.

A 12-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy were airlifted to Wilmington hospital on Sunday night with life threatening injuries. In the end, both will survive, but the 12-year-old has lost part of her arm, while the 16-year-old has lost his left arm.

Although warnings were given after the attacks, the beaches were opened again on Monday with residents and visitors encouraged to stay in shallow water despite the fact that the attacks had occurred in shallow waters. It is highly unusual for attacks like this to occur, especially in the same time and location proximity. For this reason, officials warn beach goers to be vigilant but to recognize that there is very little control that officials can have over the ocean and its inhabitants.

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