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Sweden Has Done it Again!

It is not hard to see why Sweden’s Mans Zelmerlow took home the prize for this year’s Eurovision 2015 held in Vienna, Austria. His original song, “Heroes” won with 365 points and is sure to bring goose bumps to anyone within earshot. The lyrics themselves are quite simple, but powerful. The song’s relatable message was sure to inspire and have an impact on Sweden’s votes in the competition.

Clearly a veteran to the stage, Zelmerlow has been competing in Swedish talent and dance competitions since 2005. His performance was simple but powerful, a perfect example of how the use of individual elements can complement a great performance, and not be outdone by a surrounding set. The black screen behind him came alive with some very well timed animations, which seemed to just flow out of him. Every great performance tells a story, and Zelmerlow did just that.

The scoring system used in the contest is 50% televoting and 50% jury voting. The outcome was different for each section. The top three spots for the viewer’s vote went to Italy, Russia, with Sweden taking the third spot. The jury’s votes placed Sweden first, Latvia, and Russia taking third.

The contest began in 1956, and has produced winners such as ABBA, another win for Sweden in 1974, and surprisingly Celine Dion in 1988 for Switzerland. Zelmerlow will be Sweden’s sixth victory.

Watching his performance was entertaining, not only because of the catchy beat but because it was obvious that Zelmerlow was enjoying himself on stage. The energy he was projecting was pure and genuine joy.

Now, time to hunt for that ABBA Gold CD and I will have my soundtrack for the rest of the week!

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