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13 Year Old Arrested in Shooting

The topic I am about to get into is an extremely controversial one, considering I live in Canada. That topic is the possession of fire arms. People are usually on one side or another when it comes to this topic, meaning they either like the idea of being able to own them or being totally against it. I however, am in the middle.  I understand that criminals will always get access to these weapons through their own means, and that taking away fire arms held by law abiding citizens is stupid in the grand scheme of things, cases like the ones below make me think about the other side.

A thirteen year old was arrested in a fatal shooting of a boy similar to his age in Milwaukee. While it seems Milwaukee is rather known for murders in the last little while, I do not believe for one second that this is not happening in other states or countries but going unnoticed.

I have close friends who appreciate firearms dearly, and I know that they would never shoot any one unless they really feel that their lives are threatened to the point of them dying, but not everyone is like them. Just like in this case here, unless these children grew up in a horrible neighbourhood, this situation probably was a result of a parent exhibiting improper care of their weapons. How on earth could they let their children get a hold of it? Next is what happens when these children get their hands on a firearm. This was only one case, but picture how many kids are out there in a situation where they are alone at school, being bullied, and feel like they have nowhere to turn, but they do know that they have a way to fix their problem with the click of a button. You may disagree with me right now in terms of a teenager’s will to actually go through with shooting someone, but here is how I see it. Is a thirteen year old really going to think about what may happen to them, the family of the shot child, their own family when they are informed that their child shot someone? No way. Not a chance. All this poor child knows is that getting rid of the ring leader will make it stop, or so he thinks.

So there is another problem I have with firearms. The parents may understand that shooting someone is a last resort, and they may even tell their kids the same thing or inform them on how forbidden it is to even touch a gun, but kids always break rules. Sometimes it is not that big of a deal, but other times it is serious.

So in the end, your opinion on whether firearms should or should not be banned is up to you. I have listed my reasoning on why I am on the fence about the matter. Hopefully I have opened up some points you may not have been thinking about before.

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