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110 year old Message-in-a-Bottle washes up on a shore in Germany

How would you like to be on vacation, enjoying the sun and the sand on a beach when all of a sudden you see something off in the distance that catches your eye? Following human curiosity you go over to see what is it, when upon closer inspection you realize it is a glass bottle that has washed up on shore and appears to have a piece of paper written within.

This is exactly what happened to one couple this past April. When the couple came across the bottle in the sand they realized it was a real life message in a bottle. The paper inside clearly read “break the bottle” and after having no luck taking it out carefully the two decided to do as the bottle said and break it open.

The message inside told them to take the message to the Marine Biological Association in the UK and so again the couple followed their instructions.

The Association was very excited when the couple arrived with the message because it was one of a thousand bottles that had been released by George Parker Bidder between the years of 1904 and 1906.

Bidder released these bottles into the North Seas so that he could study currents. Each bottle had a message to take it to the Marine Biological Association when found as well as a post card that promised one shilling to those who found the bottles. For the most part, the majority of the bottles had been found by fishermen and had been returned to the Association decades ago.

It is now being looked into to see if this bottle will be given the world record for the oldest message in a bottle ever found, beating out the previous one that was tossed in 1914 and found in 2013 making it 99 years old.

The couple will be receiving their shilling for returning the bottle to the Association and now have a great vacation story.

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