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1000 Dead in Pakistan Due to Temperatures

Have you ever gone outside in the peak of summer and felt the difference in temperature? Its unbelievable when its humid and hot is it not? you feel like you are getting and damp and sweaty with every step you take, the sun constantly shining in your face, you feel like you are going to die! The good news is for you, you have a home to go back to, which shields you from the heat, and depending on you where you live, the heat subsides temporarily as the seasons progress through their rotations. Some of those in Pakistan however, are not so lucky.

Recently, a heat wave has taken over Pakistan and has claimed up to one thousand people through heatstroke and severe dehydration. For those wondering, the temperature at the time was so high that water taken outside became too hot to drink, and without water in heat like that, dehydration comes quickly. The temperature reached a high of one hundred and thirteen degree Fahrenheit, or about forty five degrees Celsius. The temperature is starting to subside as the number of people suffering from heatstroke and having to go to the hospital due to the heat is going down, but even still, for them to have to deal with that for so long, it must have been unbearable to last.

Just like the cold in Canada, the heat in other places can kill people. I am from Canada, and let me tell you, winter jackets, boots, gloves, mittens, scarves, and just about every other type of equipment to shield yourself from the bitter winter is in abundance here. I hope that Pakistan and other geographical locations that suffer from the intense heat follows Canada’s footsteps in terms of products that help protect against the heat.

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