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10 dead after storms strike the southeast

Though we have already approached the holiday season, the weather is unfortunately looking more like spring!

At least 10 people were killed after a huge storm sent tornadoes sweeping through the southeast.

The storms came with unusually warm weather, which generated the tornadoes that killed people in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi and injured scores more.

The Storm Prediction Center said that at least 14 tornadoes struck Mississippi on Wednesday, but one single twister did the most damage. It began in northern Mississippi, but it didn’t really lift up until it hit western Tennessee, CNN reports.

According to The National Weather Service, it could have been on the ground for 150 miles. “If it is continuous it would be the longest track (December) tornado on record here in the mid-South,” the Memphis office of the weather service stated.

At first, authorities had said the death toll was only at seven across three states, but that number has since risen.

The youngest storm victim was 7-year-old in Holly Springs, Miss., NBC News reports. The child was killed in a van on Highway 7, according to Marshall County Coroner James Anderson.

Tree limbs and various debris covered that highway Thursday and emergency crews were working to restore several power lines. The storms, which the National Weather Service referred to as a “particularly dangerous situation,” destroyed several homes and caused hundreds of power outages across the three states Wednesday.

At least six of the 10 deaths came from Mississippi, and four of those were in Benton County. Crews were traveling from home-to-home Thursday to be sure everyone was had be accounted for.

Three people were killed in Tennessee, where heavy rain hit and strong winds hit. A 22-year-old man of Rhea County, a 70-year-old man of Perry County and a 69-year-old woman of Perry County lost their lives. The rain is expected to move out of Tennessee by the end of Thursday.

An 18-year-old, Michaela Remus, was killed in Atkins, Arkansas when a tree fell through her roof and into her bedroom. She shared the room with an 18-month-old, who was safely pulled from the bedroom and taken to the hospital.

Rusty Russell, 34, a friend of Remus’ told NBC News that she lost her life protecting her sister. “She was laying in bed with her 18-month-old sister. The way that she was laying actually shielded her sister,” he said.

Additionally, there were dozens of tornadoes reported in Mississippi, leaving hundreds without homes on Thursday. Mississippi has declared a state of emergency in the areas impacted by the tornadoes.

It is terrible that this happened any time of year, but it is especially heartbreaking around the holidays. Let’s hope the weather stays clear for the remainder of it!

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